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Gallery Of The Mundane And Fantastic

Jun 26, 2017

There is quite literally no more important action you could take, than to listen to our show. (And as always, like and subscribe.)

After listening to our first segment, you will never look at the lunchmeat in your sandwich the same way again. You will know in a way that you never have before, that with every bite you...

Jun 12, 2017


This week, something of a story. Except stories resolve. This is just a series of events that happened to us that were rather concerning, though we ourselves remain dangerously unconcerned. You should be concerned about us. If you see us in real life, we will blink twice if the bruises were not accidents.

But in the...

Jun 5, 2017

 This week, we interview a satanic vegan and a psychic psychologist. What else could you POSSIBLY need to know about the making of the program? Well HERE'S some juicy, behind-the-scenes fan-only insight: a transcript of our conversation ABOUT THIS SHOW!

Darrren: This week seems a little beyond the pale to me.