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Gallery Of The Mundane And Fantastic

Sep 12, 2017

Neil has been in the studio(s) since the beginning and has finally found a reason to speak. Like Darren, Peter and Phil, he was downtown and saw a thing, and he had to say something about it. 

This show was taped before a solar eclipse, but reading this right now is the first you've heard about it. Everyone remembers where they were during the last solar eclipse about 7.3 years ago. 

If you live in a big city you're likely to encounter people. 

Life is challenging if your name is feeeEÜhhhhr.

Gallery of the Mundane and Fantastic is Phil Kijak, Peter Kremidas, and Darren Stephens. Special guest, Neil Arsenty. Learn more about the show at the website, We also exist on other internet. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on at twitter at @gotmaf1 and Instagram at gotmaf1. If for any reason you did not enjoy this program, it's free.